As the region’s experts for the full range of neurological care, we appreciate your referrals and look forward to meeting your patients. Our caring, compassionate physicians have a broad spectrum of expertise and numerous subspecialties and special interests.

To refer a patient, please fax medical records to 541-868-9450.

  • We foster a culture of learning and collaboration to provide the very best care.
  • We participate in as many insurance programs as possible. We also see uninsured patients.
  • We handle the administrative work by calling to schedule patients, inputting insurance information and taking care of prescreening and preauthorization.
  • We provide prompt results to the patient and the referring provider, including preliminary reports issued immediately after exam.
  • All of our neuro-diagnostic techs complete a national registry of competency through Society of Electrodiagnostic Technology.
  • We offer electrodiagnostic testing for patients of all ages, beginning with neonatal. Referring providers can download a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and electromyography (EMG) referral request form here.
  • We offer neuro-ophthalmology appointments and eye testing, including Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Visual Field Test (VFT) and Fundus testing. Referring providers can download our neuro-ophthalmology referral request form here.
  • We also offer electroencephalogram EEGs. See our full list of our specialties and services.

We value our long-term partnerships with our referring providers—thank you for your referrals!